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  If you want to reach out to us, you can always use our discord server for a more direct approach, but if you prefer emails for some reason and want to talk about general stuff and games, then yes… Let’s! We look forward to hearing from you. Drop us a line at dionousgames [ at ] gmail [dot] com or click the button below.

    Found a bug that needs squishing? Need help or technical support for one of our games? Have you spotted a spelling or localization mistake? Are you facing any other troubleshooting? Seems like you’re in a pickle! Let’s see if we can help. Fill out our Support Form below.

| NOTE |

If you are looking to send us your save game so we can fix it, please send it via email.
Here is the location of your save games depending on your OS:

Windows: /Users/username/AppData/Local/Dionous Games/Game Name/Savegames

Mac: /Macintosh HD/Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Dionous Games/Game Name/Savegames

Linux: /home/.local/Share/Dionous Games/Game Name/Savegames

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