we develop and publish games

with a passion for point ‘n’ click adventure games

we develop and publish games

with a passion for point ‘n’ click adventure games

Publish Your Game with Dionous

We always have the developer in mind.

We are a group of people who love to create games. As indie developers ourselves, we understand the needs of your team and how you can achieve your goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way. So if you need help to publish your game successfully, we are here for you!

Create Your Own Game

Have fun and be creative!

Knowledge shared is knowledge squared. So we have created a consolidated and structured guide for the game engine that we’ve been working on. Visionaire Studio is easy, sophisticated and powerful, without requiring programming skills. It’s everything you’ll need to start building your own game!

our services


We can assist in the development of your game. Are you in the need of sound engineering or music composing? We have a team of skilled experts ready to bring your project to life. Are you working with Visionaire Studio? We can assist with that also.


We expertly create and port titles to every platform. Let us bring your game to Steam, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox… you name it. We make sure that you’ll receive the maximum exposure on each storefront for your project.


Do you have an idea or concept for a game, but you’re not sure how it will be in action? We can help you build a prototype based on your specifications in a rapid development style, in a short time frame and at minimal cost.


Aesthetics, gameplay, story theme, and characters. Music genre, mechanics, and player experience. Does all this sound relevant? If not, we’d be happy to advise and guide you on how to match them together and achieve a consolidated and well-structured project.


We love creating games rich in narrative. Take advantage of our narrative design services as we create the plot, setting and characters that will make the player experience a unique story based on their interactions with the story world. We dream up story ideas to make your game better!


Adventure games require great storytelling, a catchy concept, quality animation and energetic, engaging voice acting. Our voice direction experience along with our talent pool of professional actors can bring your game to life with captivating voice acting.


Do you need some additional funding to bring your project to life? Do not hesitate, reach out to us and let’s talk. Let’s come up with a business plan that meets your needs. We custom-tailor our team to fit your unique project. One size doesn’t fit all!


Game marketing isn’t an easy business. With a sea of competitors, and only more getting released every year, you might find yourself struggling to see a future for your game. Luckily, we are here to help and make your game a success!


So, you’ve decided to localize your game and found out how critical it is for your title’s success. Now, you may be wondering, how do I get started? No worries. Concentrate on your project and we can handle everything else for you.

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